How to choose right dog food?

So you want to feed your pup something healthy and natural but don't know which one to choose? That's not a problem! The following article will help you pick the best dog food that suits your needs.

● What should I look for in a dog food? - It is important that although most of the foods are edible, not all the pet foods contain enough nutrients to maintain a healthy diet. Make sure that it's made from natural ingredients and without pesticides or artificial substances.

● But the price is not given. - Yes, the price is supposed to be an important factor in the general criteria of a food but if you check the label and see that a product contains more than 20% protein, the protein should be meat which isn't so cheap. 
Try to check which ingredients are  suitable for your dog as Farmina brand is well balanced, the best ingredients with no nasty fillers , chemicals.  

● How many calories should a dog require? - Adult dogs who are well exercised or playing should have about 8000-12000 kcals on average per day. If your dog is always sedentary then he will need less; newborns and older dogs require more calories because they have higher metabolism.